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Moccasin-making workshops

Moccasin-Making Workshop

Learn moccasin-making in France. One day of workshop to make your own custom-made moccasins, barefoot shoes with basic hand tools.

We are located in the center of France (Indre-et-Loire) and can drive 2-3 hours maximum for a complete workshop (6-8 people).

Feel free to reach out to us if you want to help us to organize a workshop in your area. For those living outside of France, the best option is to learn with our video tutorials and patterns from your home. 

What is the price of a workshop?

It is €150 per person which includes:

– the training and teaching
– the leather and material for the pair of shoes you will make
– the PDF tutorial and the patterns in all sizes for the style you will have chosen
– the access to the online video tutorial.
– the rental of the tools
– our time for the organization, the travel, etc.

What will you learn during the workshop?

During our moccasin-making workshops, you will learn and do everything from cutting the leather to sewing and custom fitting.  We will guide you through every little step to make your moccasins as easy as possible.

What style can you make?

4 Different Styles of Moccasins

You will be able to select from four styles of moccasins: Heart, Moon, Leaf, and the Baby moccasins and many different colors in high-quality bull hide leather from France.