Le Marche des Créateurs in France

Earthing Moccasins at Marché des Créateurs

What Is This Website About?

This Tuesday, November 15th, we'we discovered a webpage dedicated to present our work on: https://marche-des-createurs.fr/

It is the website of the association of artistic promotion called Touch-arts.com
Their goal is to help artists and craftsmen to reach their audience by promoting their work during public or private event as well as online. Their website already gathers more than 700 artisans and creators of French speakers. The good thing is that you don’t have to be french and that they welcome all kinds of artists, creators, shops, associations… The list is long but here are just a few things you could find: jewelry, embroidery, ceramic, sewing, cosmetic, decoration, engraving, illustration, leather goods, furniture, wood carving, painting, sculpture, fashion, clothing and much more.

Looking For More Visibility?

We support and appreciate this type of initiative because we know how hard it can be for craftsmen and artists to have their work visible enough to make a living out of it. If we were not living that far from most of the events organized by Touch-arts, we would surely have joined them to hold a stall because we noticed that the level of craftsmanship showcased is above standard.

What Does It Cost to Join Them?

Instead, we have chosen to pay the reasonable annual fee of 30 euros to join the association to have the following page on their website in order to gain traffic and visibility.


If you want to join them or support them in their work, you can subscribe here:


Thanks to Touch-arts team!

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