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Baby and Kids Sheepskin Low Boots - Slippers / Inner Boot Liners

Baby and Kids Sheepskin Low Boots - Slippers / Inner Boot Liners

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Warm Barefoot Slippers for Children
These soft-sole sheepskin booties will keep the feet of your little ones warm and comfortable in the house.

They look like shoes but feel 
more like socks, and that's what the kids love. They are ideal for learning to walk as they won't decrease the sensory-awareness and the balance of the child.

They are made with a lace going around the ankle, which allows adjusting the size while perfecting the grip on the heel without pressing the toes to the front. 

We will request the exact width (all around) and length of the child's feet to be sure to make them in accordance with their morphology. We will make them quite bigger because the lace will swallow up the excess of length until the feet grow into them. Therefore, you will be able to use them for a whole season, if not 2 winters long.

They are made of high quality sheepskin with very soft natural wool of 1 cm / 3/32" thick. The outer side is oiled to prevent dust and dirt to stick on it. 

To clean them, a wet wipe or a wet sponge will do the job in an instant. To treat the leather, sprays are preferable. Do not use any fatty leather treatment on them...

Can they be used outside ?

We, for our daughter, also use them as rubber boot liners for going outdoors in cold, rough and wet grounds.

With a thin rubber or leather sole added to them (glued) they could withstand being used outside for babies and young children (you would receive a tutorial about making your own soles). For older children, we are afraid they would not withstand intensive wear... It would be preferable to have full-grain leather moccasins lined with fur in this case.



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