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DIY Kit for "The Laced-Up Boots" / Leather and Tools / Handmade Shoemaking / Ankle Boots / Barefoot Boots / Low Boots

DIY Kit for "The Laced-Up Boots" / Leather and Tools / Handmade Shoemaking / Ankle Boots / Barefoot Boots / Low Boots

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This is the right place to order the leather and tools for your "Laced-Up Boots" project.

We've selected the highest quality leather we've found to make very comfortable and durable moccasins.
The leather is tanned under strict safety and environmental regulations in France.
It is bull-calf hides (by-products of the meat industry) that have been selected for their utmost quality.
The leather is treated with fats and oils to be stain and water-resistant.
It is 2/ 2.2 mm thick and is characterized by its soft and waxy touch.
The hides were dyed in the mass, which gives rich tones of colors that sometimes highlight the natural aspects of the skin and will withstand wear and scratches. If well taken care off, the leather will acquire a beautiful patina over time.
Overall, this leather is as pleasant to work with than is it to wear.

The Kit includes:
- A large piece of leather to make the lower part of the moccasins (bottom)
- A smaller piece of leather to make the upper part of the moccasins (top)
- An Awl
- A Belt Punch (4 mm - 1/8 inch)
- Some Waxed Thread
- 2 Saddlers Needles

The Kit does NOT include:
- the tutorial
- the printed patterns
- extra leather or rubber for soles
- scissors

The tutorial and patterns are in digital format. To reduce the price of postage, we do not send the printed patterns, but if you can't print them easily on your side, please let us know, and we will gladly add them to your package.
Extra material for soles and/or scissors can be purchased separately (see links below).

With practice, a pair can be made in only 3 hours, but it would usually take about 1 day on the first trial.

More details about "The Runners" and "The Laced-Up Boots":

(Full preview in video:

Moccasins are soft-soled shoes or barefoot-shoes. Made of 100% leather, they act and feel just like a second-skin.
They will well protect your feet from sharp objects, dirt, etc; while at the same time allowing you to feel the ground’s texture.
The Laces allow the shoe to open widely to put the foot in, while also allowing to tighten it perfectly for long walks and even running.
It closes very well to prevent sand, dirt and pebbles to enter the shoe.
Thanks to the natural qualities of the leather, these shoes are very breathable and limit sweating. They can be worn without socks.
Due to the way they are constructed, there is no seam that could create irritation in the shoe.

They are perfectly suitable to where indoors and outdoors.
They come without soles, just leather, but can be easily resoled with soft leather or thin rubber for durability.
With leather soles, you might need to resole them once to 4 times a year, depending on the use and the ground where you wear them.
Rubber soles are more water and wear resistant.

This design is made in 2 pieces of leather, which allows you to match 2 colors.

It is appropriate for people that need/like a larger toe-box and/or have a strong instep.


Get started with everything at hand by ordering a Starter Kit with a 50% of discount on the tutorials and the patterns.

Half bull skins are available If you want to make more pairs (6 up to 9), 

We  offer extra rubber or leather for soling:

Extra Leather For Soles

Extra Rubber For Soles

Have you also thought of getting Sharp Leather Scissors to cut your leather?



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