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Winter Boots in Leather & Felt for Children

Winter Boots in Leather & Felt for Children

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Color for the Leather Sole

Extremely warm, comfortable and durable house shoes made with thick wool felt and leather soles.

As usual, these winter moccasins are custom-made. We will request an outline of the feet, some measurements, and photos in order to make them as well fitting as possible, respecting the morphology of your child.

They are always made a little bigger to ensure that the child can grow into them during the whole winter/spring season. The lace behind the heel allows to easily adjust them for safe running around the house!

We came across this rare quality of thick and dense felt coming from a local organic farm. They use their own sheep's wool to make it. The incomparable thickness, softness, and durability of this felt makes it a first-rate material to make incredibly warm and comfortable house shoes. The sheep wool is known to regulate humidity and temperature very well. Moreover, their design with felt tops ensures very good breathability. Therefore, you will not have any problems with sweat and can be assured to stay very warm. 

They can be worn high or folded on the ankle.
The leather sole is not slippery, but if you want, it is also possible to glue a rubber sole on them and even use them outdoors on dry days. 



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