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Lined Moccasins with Rabbit Skins - Custom-Made

Lined Moccasins with Rabbit Skins - Custom-Made

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We offer custom-made moccasins made with high-quality full-grain bull leather lined with authentic rabbit skins. They make incredibly soft, warm and flexible indoor shoes that will last for many years, if well taken-care of.

After receiving your order, we will ask for a few measurements and pictures of your feet as well as the scan in PDF format of the outline of your feet to enable us to make a customized pattern that will truly fit like a second-skin. You can already see explanations for it in the footer named "Measurements Required" in the Resources section.

The slippers come without any other sole than the layer of leather and fur that makes the shoe in itself. If after much wear you would see the sole starting to wear-out, they can easily be resoled with another layer of soft leather or rubber. We will provide a tutorial that clearly explains how to do it, and you can purchase extra material for soles (leather or thin rubber sheets)

Rabbit skins come from England and are by-products of the meat production. They are tanned under strict conditions to ensure no residue of chemical. Therefore, they are totally safe to wear in direct skin contact. (unless you would be allergic to rabbit hair, of course...).

The outer leather is tanned in France. It is mineral-tanned under well controlled conditions to ensure that no toxic chemicals would be released by the finished product and in the living waters out from the tannery. It is characterized by its natural, soft and waxy finish and authentic look. As it is dye in the mass, the color will remain the same and won't be affected by light scratches or wear. Over time, if nourished regularly, it will acquire a nice patina. 

Although the leather is water-resistant and that we recommend all our other moccasins for outdoor use, we do not recommend these as winter outdoor shoes (unless the weather was really dry) due to the fact that they would tend to get wet fairly fast.
We like to wear them indoors and believe they could withstand a decade or more for this purpose. 



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