Do-It-Yourself & Custom-Made Leather Barefoot Shoes

We hand-make tailored moccasins and boots or, teach you how to make them with our video tutorials & patterns. Either way, what makes our moccasins stand out is that, they are designed to be adapted to the unique morphology of each person. That's why you won't find any standard shoe sizes here.

Just Like a Second Skin...

Our moccasins are like barefoot shoes, 100% in leather. In fact, they truly are like a second skin that can be worn on all occasions and on all grounds. If you are looking for minimalist or natural footwear with high sensory feedback, you're at the right place.

Custom-Made Moccasins & House Shoes

Moccasins are Extra-Light & Soft but Strong & Durable

We work with the most prestigious quality of french bull leather for its softness and thickness at the same time. This leather is remarkable for its comfort to wear on the skin and for its high resistance to water and wear, which is perfect for shoe-making.

Unlike most commercial shoes, all our moccasins can be easily repaired. For instance, if the sole starts wearing out, it can be easily strengthened by simply gluing another layer of leather or rubber underneath (which can be done at home with our instructions). Therefore, with good care, these leather shoes can withstand years, if not a decade!

Want to Learn Moccasin-Making?

You could order the tutorial and patterns in digital format only, and/or the leather and tools to go along with it. Our starter kits are special bundles with all you need to get started in few clicks (tutorial, patterns, leather, and tools together).

To make good-looking and comfortable moccasins, you need to find very soft leather that will easily pucker around the toes. Ideally, it should be thick as well (1.8 to 3 mm thick / 4 to 6 oz leather). We know that such leather is not that easy to find, especially when you can't go to a leather shop in person and/or that you are a novice.

To save you from the struggle of sourcing leather on your own, we offer to ship superior quality leather worldwide. You could order just enough to make one pair or larger pieces of leather at a more economical price.

DIY Moccasins Video Tutorials & Patterns

DIY Kits for Moccasins & Boots

Moccasins Made By Our “Students”