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Felt & Leather Barefoot-Shoes / Custom-Made Size 37-39 EU / 6-8 US

Felt & Leather Barefoot-Shoes / Custom-Made Size 37-39 EU / 6-8 US

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Comfy and Warm Handmade Slippers
The top part of these moccasins is made out of handmade thick merino felt. The bottom part is made of a single piece of leather and does not have any plastic or rubber sole. In fact, it feels like a second skin. You will have similar sensations as if you were walking barefoot while being very well protected.

This listing concerns pictures one and two and pictures 3, 4, and 5 are to help you imagine what they would look like on the feet and the finished heel. For the heel, you can choose with a ''pixie'' point or flat.

We will contact you to get your measurements after ordering. Generally speaking, these are suitable for feet from size 36 to 39 EU / 6 to 8 US. Can be longer if your foot is rather thin.


What are Moccasins?

They are soft-soled shoes or barefoot shoes. Made of 100% leather, they act and feel just like a second skin.

They will well protect your feet from sharp objects, dirt, etc; while at the same time allowing you to feel the ground’s texture.

They are suitable for where indoors and outdoors, although they will need to be re-soled once in a while for durability.

Although you will receive them without soles, they can be resoled as many times as needed. If well taken care of, a pair can last for many years. If you keep them for indoors, they could withstand decades!


This pair is pre-stitched at the front and is waiting for your measurements to be finished. I custom-make each pair and have a good rate of good fittings (8-9/10) yet there is also a risk that the fitting can go wrong, in such case, I will treat each case individually (including refund or send another pair).

We would usually make and ship your sandals within 1 week after receiving your measurements. Shipping from France usually takes about 7 to 15 days to the USA and up to 3 weeks for Australia and New Zealand.


The first pair of soles is offered, yet is you already want an extra set of replacement soles, we offer extra rubber or leather for soling as an option:

Extra Leather For Soles

Extra Rubber For Soles



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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