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"Trimini" Sandals - Custom-Made for Men and Women

"Trimini" Sandals - Custom-Made for Men and Women

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These minimalist sandals are made for optimum stability, durability, and lightness.

They are handcrafted from an outline of your feet to ensure that they will be perfectly adapted to your foot-shape and size.

Their design has been refined to be as stable as possible and minimize the pressure and rubbing that could be caused by the laces. When well-adjusted, the laces won’t need to be touched up anymore, and it will become easy to slip them on in an instant.

Their design was studied for more comfort and stability:
- The heel tab that comes up until the ankle, offering a very good hold by preventing the foot to slide backward and keeping the laces from rubbing on the skin.
- The extension of the sole on the inner side of the foot to completely cover and protect the most vulnerable part of our feet: the arch.
- Their zero-drop / flat sole doesn't affect your natural posture.
- The decorative piece on the insteps keeps the tension right and minimizes the pressure on the instep that could be caused by the laces alone. 

We have selected the most high-quality materials and leather to endure intensive use and wear.
The vegetable-tanned leather we use was nourished and dyed in the mass to be especially water and wear-resistant. In fact, it will require very little care.

They can be made with or without a rubber sole. Of course, the rubber sole increases their durability, their resistance to water and offers a better grip on smooth surfaces.

After receiving your order, we will send you a little video that explains how to draw the outline of your feet and scan it.
Upon receiving your footprint, we will dispatch your sandals within 1 to 5 days.
Shipping to the USA takes usually 7 to 15 days / Europe 3 to 10 days / Australia and NZ 15+ days.



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