Lougaya in 2016

Lougaya is a French craftswoman. After quitting her industrial design studies, she was seeking work in accordance with her ethics and that she easily could travel with. It is in Australia that she began making moccasins in 2016. She started selling custom-made shoes at local craft and farmer’s markets until she gained enough confidence to start teaching the craft in person. Throughout her travels, she continued both teaching workshops and selling moccasins. Since 2019, with the help of Joachim, her husband, Lougaya started to share her skill with online video and PDF tutorials. Through her years of experience with custom-fitting over a thousand moccasins, she is continuously improving in her skill. She is researching and experimenting with new designs on an ongoing basis to expand her repertoire of patterns and tutorials available online. In 2018, Joachim joined the business. Not only does he make moccasins, but he is actively working on the online management of the website and customer support. Without him, none of the tutorials would be online, as he was doing most of the video editing and much more.

Earthing Moccasins Stall

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