Collection: Made-to-Order

We offer to make custom-made barefoot or minimalist shoes and boots directly from an outline and precise measurements of your feet. Extra light and soft, they are made of 100% high-quality leather of 2-2.2 mm thick. 

Weird feet, bunion feet, narrow, wide, or extra-wide... you are all welcome as you are. No matter your foot type (Slope, Mountain, Plateau, Square) or the volume of your feet (high, medium or low), Lougaya will make a unique pattern for you, aiming to make shoes that truly fit like a second skin.

Learn more about our Moccasins by clicking on this link.

After your purchase, we send you a document with pictures that clearly explain how to take the measurements required to make your barefoot moccasins. 

Will Your Patterns Fit My Foot Shape?

Dispatch time may vary depending on the number of orders to fulfill. Right now, due to the increasing number of demand, there is a waiting time of about one month.