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"The Summer" Moccasins / Custom-Made Barefoot Shoes

"The Summer" Moccasins / Custom-Made Barefoot Shoes

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Extra Material for Soles

Here is the right place if you would like us to make you a pair of low moccasins with laces.

We offer to make custom-made moccasins with laces directly from an outline and measurements of your feet. Weird feet, bunion feet, thin feet, extra-large feet... You are all welcome as you are! I will make a unique pattern for you, hoping to make shoes that feel just like a second skin.

They are made of 100% high-quality bull-calf leather 1.8/2 mm thick.

These shoes open with laces. You can choose 2 colors to match together.

They come without soles on them, just leather, but can be easily resoled with soft leather or thin rubber for durability. We offer a first set of extra materials for soles (leather or rubber).

For daily use, we advise adding a rubber sole, which is stronger and more durable... You will receive a little tutorial to teach you how to easily resole them, and you can also order extra leather or rubber. If you selected soft leather soles, you might need to resole them once to four times a year, depending on the use and the ground where you wear them. Rubber soles are more resistant to wear and will make them more water-resistant...

We would usually make and ship your moccasins within 1 week after receiving your measurements. Shipping from France usually takes about 7 to 15 days to the USA and up to 3 weeks for Australia and New Zealand.

We offer extra rubber or leather for soling as an option:

Extra Leather For Soles

Extra Rubber For Soles

They can be resoled as many times as needed over time and if well taken care of, a pair can last for many years. If you keep them for indoors, they could withstand decades!



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