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DIY Kit for the "Wrap-up Boots"

DIY Kit for the "Wrap-up Boots"

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This kit is only suitable to make the ''Wrap-up Leaf'' Boots style

Benefit from a 50% discount on the tutorial by ordering it together with the KIT.

The KIT includes :
- a large leather piece, allowing you to make any size of boots
- an awl to make holes in the leather by hand before sewing it
- a belt punch
- two big saddle needles.
- enough waxed thread to make a pair

It does NOT include :
- the printed patterns (please send me a message if you need us to print them for you)
- scissors (good sharp leather scissors are sold separately, please see the link at the bottom of this description)
- the tutorial: You will receive an email with the Video and PDF in digital format.

I have selected one of the MOST SUITABLE HIGH QUALITY OF FRENCH BULL LEATHER for making comfortable and durable moccasins.

It is full-grain aniline leather characterized by its soft and waxy touch with a natural finish (no acrylic lining). It is dyed in the mass, colors are very stable.

After tanning, it has not undergone any other alteration in order to preserve the authenticity and strength of its natural grain. It is the noblest treatment that can be applied to the skin. It has a thickness of 2 mm to 2.2 mm.

It is treated for better stain and water resistance and complies with very high standards in terms of health and environmental regulations by European law.

Over the course of 3 hours of teachings in which she demonstrates how to make a pair from beginning to end, she clearly and precisely explains how to make your own moccasins at home with very few simple tools.

The great difference with most other moccasins and patterns that you can find on the market is that ours are made to be adjusted exactly to the morphology of each person.
The Patterns will generally suit feet from size 34 to 46 EU / 3 to 12 US men.

When purchasing our tutorials, you will gain access to our online platform, where you will be able to watch and replay the videos as many times as you like.
You will also receive an email with the printable patterns and PDF tutorial.
(We have to process your order by hand, please allow up to 24 hours.)

We advise starting with making low moccasins before making the boots as it is a more advanced project, although the tutorial has everything one would need to know to make them even without prior experience in shoemaking or leather work.

The video tutorial helps to understand the right gesture, whereas the PDF tutorial highlights important details in large images and written explanations. Even after your first pair, it is a useful document to remember how to make them without having to watch all the videos again.

With practice, a pair can be made in only 3 to 4 hours, but it would usually take about 1 day or more on the first trial.

Patterns should be printed in A4 or US letters. If you are not able to print the patterns at home, please send us a request.

The tutorials also cover the topics of choosing leather and tools, making soles, and leather conditioners.


We offer extra rubber or leather for soling as an option:

Extra Leather For Soles

Extra Rubber For Soles

Strong Universal Scissors

Half bull skins are available If you want to make more pairs (6 up to 9), 

What are Moccasins ?

Moccasins are:

  • 100% in leather
  • zero-drop minimalist shoes
  • respectful of one's morphology
  • extremely soft and comfortable
  • durable
  • versatile and all-terrain
  • unisex and casual
  • handmade


We work with the most prestigious quality of bull-calf leather from France.
It stands out for its natural aspect, its soft and
waxy touch
but mostly for its softness, and thickness at the
same time.
This leather is very comfortable and safe to wear
on the skin.
If well-taken care of with resoling and leather care, it
can withstand years of intensive wear.


Kit for Low Moccasins:
+- 38 x 60 cm / 15" to 23.5"

Care information

Can be dry-cleaned with a soft brush or with a wet cloth. Make sure the
shoes are drying quickly and thoroughly if they got wet. You can hang them on a
line for instance.

Regularly nourish the leather with a leather
balm or leather lotion.

They can be resoled with leather or thin compact rubber
to keep the barefoot feel of the moccasins. Soles are simply glued
and can be renewed as many times as needed. A tutorial on this topic is
included in all our moccasins tutorials.


Processing time 1 to 3 business days

Shipping to France and Europe:
3 to 10 days

Shipping to America: 7 to 15 days

Shipping to Australia/New Zealand: 10 to 21 days


Returns are accepted up to 14 days after the reception of your package. Please contact us as soon as possible. Return costs
are not refundable.

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