Collection: Leather

We offer high-quality bull-calf leather made in France under high ethical and environmental standards. It is noticeable by its softness and thickness at the same time, which makes the most comfortable and durable barefoot moccasins or minimalist shoes

If you plan to make only one pair of moccasins or boots for the first time, please refer to our Starter Kits which include the tools, leather, and tutorials.

If you plan to make several pairs of moccasins, we offer leather by the square meter, which is much more economical. For instance, with 2 square meters / 21 square feet, you could make 7 to 9 pairs of low moccasins.

If you already have the tools and the tutorial and want the leather alone, you are on the right page.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for a personalized order.