Collection: Starter Kits

Save 50% on the tutorial when ordering a leather kit at the same time.

Print Patterns, Cut Leather, Poke Holes, and Stitch…

What we love the most about making moccasins is that all can be done on your knees, with very few and simple hand tools. In less than a day, almost anyone can achieve a pair of custom-fitted moccasins for the first time!

Our starter kits are all you need to get started. They include leather and tools along with the PDF and video tutorial and their printable moccasin patterns.

We offer the opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious leather quality we have found in the world. It is noticeable by its natural aspect as well as its thickness and softness at the same time. This bull-calf leather made in France makes extremely comfortable and durable barefoot-moccasins and boots.

You may add a pair of heavy-duty scissors and extra material for soles to your order to be fully equipped and set for success for this DIY shoe making experience.