How To Take Your Measurements

First, thank you for your interest in our Moccasins. If you have ordered already or if you would like to get a pair of custom-fitted moccasins, it is important that we collect correct measurements of your feet. This will enable to make sure that you have chosen the right design and to adjust them as precisely as possible.

Know that the following steps are emailed in PDF format with clear pictures to all of our customers after their purchase. You can also download it here

Here is what we request:

— Pictures of your feet from above and from the side (see instructions).
— A scan of the outline of your feet (see instructions)

Plus 3 measurements:
L: the length
A: the width at arch level/instep (wrapping around your arch/instep)
F: the width at the front (wrapping around the ball of your foot)

Taking Your Measurements

The following instructions will describe in detail how to proceed to take good measurements, pictures and how to provide us with the right scan, so keep reading carefully… Moccasins are like a second skin, so please, be as precise as possible and double-check all measurements. Check if both feet are equal and if not, please send us the details for each foot.

We will base ourselves on the information that you provide to make your moccasins. Although we recognize the possibility of making a mistake in the fitting or needing to improve it, if the shoes don’t fit because of wrong measurements from your side, please understand that we will not accept sending a refund. All the information and personal data you will provide will stay totally confidential. It is only for the use of making your shoes.

We would usually make and ship your shoes within 3 days after receiving your measurements. Shipping from France typically takes about 7 to 15 days to America and up to 3 weeks to Australia and New Zealand.

Write these measurements as L for length, F for front/ball of the foot, and A for arch/instep. Write left and right foot if they are different. It can be in inches or centimeters.

Example : L : 25,3 cm (left) / 25,1 cm (right) F : 25,6 cm A : 26 cm

For the length (L), place a sheet of paper against the wall and place your foot against the wall on the paper. Make sure the paper didn’t move and that it is still valid against the wall. Draw a line in front of your longest toe and measure.

Take Your Measurements

Note: You could step directly on the ruler if the zero point can touch the wall.

For the front (F), take the largest width of the front of your foot/wrapping around the ball of your foot. Take the measurement WITH pressure on your feet. For the instep/arch (A), wrap around your foot at the level of your arch or about 3 fingers under your ankle. If you have a tape measure you can use it, if not do like me, simply cut a strip of paper, and use the ruler to measure afterward.

Photos required

— Your feet from the top and from the side (if you are flexible enough, you can sit down and place your foot on your knee to do this)
— The Outline of Your Feet: Stand on a piece of paper and, with a pencil or a marker, draw a line all around your feet. Try to hold your pencil in a slight angle, in such a way that the line is a straight projection of the edge of your feet on the ground.

You can check that by using a business card as a triangle/set square. To your drawing, add a line of 2 inches or 5 centimeters to act as a scale/gauge.This will enable us to verify that we were able to print the drawing in the right size. Finally, scan your drawings in PDF format. Photos will not be accepted as they will not be reliable copies of your drawings. If you don’t own a scanner, some shops usually offer this service for a very small fee.

You can send everything by email:

Thank you in advance for your effort. We look forward to making and sending you your new tailored-made moccasins.