Collection: Video Tutorials & Patterns

Learn to make barefoot moccasins with our step-by-step pre-recorded video and PDF tutorials with printable patterns. Unlike usual templates that you would get in standard sizes, all our patterns can be easily adjusted to best suit one's morphology.

All our DIY tutorials are beginner-friendly and will require very few simple hand tools.

Over the different models on offer, you can get a wide range of printable patterns to make moccasins in all sizes, from baby to XXL feet. From a single set of patterns, one could quickly start making these durable barefoot or minimalist shoes for their own and their family members.

Discover different styles of sandals, low moccasins, low boots, high boots, lined winter moccasins, and more. 

If you want to start with everything at hand, you can get a Starter kit which includes the leather for one pair, the tools plus the tutorials and patterns with a discount of 50%.

Have a look at our Starter Kits page.