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"Baby and Kids" Moccasins VIDEO + PDF Tutorial with Printable Patterns

"Baby and Kids" Moccasins VIDEO + PDF Tutorial with Printable Patterns

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Learn how to make custom-fitted baby and kids leather moccasins by hand with Lougaya.

Over the course of 2 hours of teachings in which she demonstrates how to make a pair from beginning to end, she clearly and precisely explains how to make moccasins at home with very few and simple tools.

The great difference with most other moccasins and patterns that you can find on the market is that ours are made to be adjusted exactly to the morphology of each person.

Baby patterns cover from approximately 6-month-old to 12 years old. As babies feet can have very different proportions, being able to custom-make them is quite interesting!

Baby moccasins is a great project to start with as it is quickly done and requires little leather. It can even be made with recycled leather or off-cuts.

We are convinced that even people without prior experience in leather work or sewing can complete this project quite easily.

When purchasing our tutorials, you will gain instant access to the videos that you will be able to watch and replay as many times as you like. You will also be able to download the videos to watch them offline.

Along with the videos, you will receive the PDF tutorial as well as the printable patterns. (see files to download via Etsy)

The video tutorial helps to understand the right gesture, whereas the PDF tutorial highlights important details in large images and written explanations and helps you to keep track of each step in order. Even after your first pair, it is a useful document to remember how to make them without having to watch all the videos again.

With practice, a pair can be made in only 2 to 3 hours, but it would usually take about 1 day on the first trial.

Patterns should be printed in A4 or US letter. If you are not able to print the patterns at home, please send us a request.

Children usually love them as they allow the child to have a better balance and agility than with rigid shoes. I advise you to make them quite large so that they are easier to put on, and also in order to prevent putting any constraint on the soft and growing feet of the little ones. Adding a leather lace around the ankle will safely keep them on and permit size adjustments as the feet grow and/or for socks.


I will also teach you how it is possible to enlarge children's shoes if they are still large enough but are becoming too short...

Get started with everything at hand by ordering a Starter Kits with 50% of discount on the tutorials and the patterns.

Have you also thought of getting Sharp Leather Scissors to cut your leather?

Due to the digital nature of this item, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT NO REFUND WILL BE POSSIBLE... THANK YOU.



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