Our Story

Making by hand the things that I need has always interested me. I started with making my own clothing when I was a teenager. I mostly learned by trial and error and sometimes tried to replicate clothe I liked. Even if it was not always perfectly stitched, I liked that I could make exactly what I wanted and at the right size by fitting it directly on my body. This is how I discovered how satisfying it is to make and wear my own creations. Later on, I had to start working. I had quit my prestigious design studies in search for something that would be more ethical than working for the industry. This is how I came across the moccasins.

I never thought I would end up working with leather. Probably because I was never really interested in making handbags or any other items commonly made out of leather, and also because all I knew was cold and rigid leather. But when I first came across the moccasins, I instantly knew, "This is it!".
After making my first pair, I was delighted. Not only about how comfy and practical they were, but about how pleasant it was to work by hand on this soft, warm,
and natural material.

In Australia, at the end of the year 2015, I trained hard over the first batch of about 100 pairs until I got this feeling that it was good enough for selling. In 2016, I started making these custom-fitted leather barefoot shoes on the local Sunday Market. Since I was in a rural area, I did not have access to big markets. I quickly realized that to make a living out of this, I would need to extend my reach. This is how I launched my Etsy boutique with the first PDF tutorials & patterns.

I also realized that other people were like me, and much preferred investing themselves in learning a new skill like moccasin-making than going to the shopping mall to buy shoes. So I started to teach in person, to small groups of people. In only 1 day, people were able to make their own moccasins from A to Z. All my students, even complete beginners and young teenagers, were able to make them.

By starting to teach, I found it even better to share this precious skill than to make them for others. Grown by the experience of teaching in person, I felt confident enough to start writing and recording my first video tutorials.

In 2018, with the help of my husband (Joachim), we have started recording video tutorials. We have now over 9 different tutorials where I teach moccasin-making. Nowadays, we continue to make the moccasin for sale online and in-person, and we sell them worldwide. With the years of experience in fitting them on all kinds of feet, it allows us to better assist our students when they have questions and troubles.

I remember when I met Joachim in Indonesia that he was mainly walking barefoot even in the jungle because his sandals were hurting is feet. He totally fell in love with the moccasins I offered him, as he kept on felling barefoot and fully protected. Since then, we live and work together online and on local crafts events, medieval markets... We have made minimalist or barefoot moccasins while travelling in Asia, Australia, Belgium, Spain and France.    

In 2022, we started offering live online workshops for those who prefer learning in person with a real time interaction than with pre-recorded tutorials.

We are always available to answer your questions on moccasin-making, so don’t hesitate to reach out via email at contact(@)earthingmoccasins.com.