How To Care For Your Moccasins

Once you purchased a tailored-made moccasins or made them yourself following our video courses, it is important to treat and care the leather regularly. With good care and resoling them when needed, a pair of moccasins can last for years, if not a decade.

There are many kinds of leather treatments available in shops, and maybe you have something at home already. Any kind of neutral leather treatment is recommended. Generally speaking, “what is good for the skin is good for the leather”. If you don’t have anything and have to act fast, or creamy oil, or even banana skin, or baby lotion can be used.

We offer a professional leather balm which is traditionally made with greasy vegetable, animal and mineral waxes, without added solvents. It is perfect to nourish, soften and “waterproofs” the leathers and oiled fabrics.

Essential note: this is way of cleaning and treating your moccasins only refers to full-grain leather. For nubuck and suede leather, never apply oils or fats but use special sprays.

Overall, what is essential is to treat your leather barefoot shoes as regularly as possible to keep it hydrated and soft. Ideally, every two-three month, especially if you expose your moccasins to wet weather often. It can be more but don't worry you do it less regularly, as long as you don't wait that the leather gets dry…  

What you need to keep in mind is that it is best to prevent than to cure. Once the leather has dried and stiffened, it is too late to really get it soft again.

How To Clean Your Moccasins

Wet Leather Shoes, What to Do?
It frequently happens that moccasins get wet, don’t worry, it will not damage them. What is essential is to dry them as soon as possible. Best is to hang them up for the sole to dry to. You can dry them in the sun or close to a heat source, but not too hot and too close… Be careful! Remember, the leather is like a skin. Once they are dry, it is good to apply leather treatment to nourish your leather shoes with oil and prevent it from drying and stiffening.

Muddy Moccasins, What to Do?
In case your moccasins get very dirty or muddy, I would advise that you first try to dry brush most of the dirt. If it is not enough, you can clean them with a wet sponge. If it is still not enough, you can rinse them under running water.

Then squeeze them well and hang them to dry. Once again, they are dry, as mentioned above, don't forget to apply a leather balm.

A Quick Fix: Banana Peel or Baby Wipes
If your leather have a poor look, and you don’t have anything else, a banana skin could do the job! Simply use the inside of the banana peel and rub it on your moccasins. It’s not a joke! You might be surprised how well it works. It is not a very good moisturizer, but it will give a bit of shine without being sticky on the leather.

You could also use baby wipes which allows wet cleaning if your shoes are dusty or muddy and the good thing is that, they are made to prevent the skin from drying… It is quick and effective without having to completely wet the moccasins, which could dry the leather. Of course, you can do the same with wet sponge but forget about adding some soap to it.