Our Leatherworker Partners

Besides our online website Earthingmoccasins.com and our Etsy boutique, you might find our tutorials in two other merchants' site in the USA: The Leather Guy and The Leather Craft Journal. 
We thank both of them for trusting our family business and for their time and investment in publishing our tutorials & patterns.

The Leather Guy


The Leather Guy is an online leather shop where you will find a very vast variety of leathers in the United States. They offer deer skins, buckskins, oil tanned sides and even brain-tanned leather in 3 to 6 Oz which we believe would make wonderful moccasins. They also have some tools like scratch awls, harness stitching needles, artificial sinew and scissors that would enable you to get started with everything at hand.
We found their website easy to use and honestly, it has inspired us to create the new earthing moccasins online st
ore. Feel free to visit their site: https://theleatherguy.org/
* Note: Since we don't live in the USA, we have not been able to test any of the leather that they offer for purchase. We would leave it up to them to advise you on what would be the best choice to achieve your project with our patterns and according to your budget. 

The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal

The Leather Craft Journal is a bimonthly magazine that showcases the work of all kinds of leather workers within the world. In each magazine, you would also find tutorials and tips about leather craft and more.
We had the chance to appear in their issue of Mai-June 2022 where they published how to make adjustable Sun Sandals for baby and kids. They agreed to also sale our tutorials on their website where you will also be able to find a wide range of leather craft books and patterns besides their magazine of course.

They also organize trade shows in the USA as well as in the Netherlands.
Subscription in digital format starting at $29 a year only! Have a look for yourself: