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Extra Leather for Soles

Extra Leather for Soles

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I will send a piece of leather off-cut that is large enough for making soles for one pair of moccasins.
It is the same quality of leather that I use for moccasin making. 2/2.2 mm thick. SOFT but STRONG.

Making a soft leather sole will enable your moccasins to last much longer while keeping the same barefoot-feeling as before without soles. It is a simple task that you can do at home with a minimum of tools.

Please see the bonus section (if you ordered a tutorial) or the PDF tutorial "Make Soles" to learn how to make homemade soft leather soles:

Just before having a hole in your moccasin or in the sole, is the time to make soles or replace the existing sole. You can replace the soles multiple times to make your moccasins last for years.

Soles will make your moccasins more resistant to water, and they will feel slightly more padded. Most people like it.

Many factors can affect the durability of soles but to give you an idea, if you are wearing your moccasins on a daily basis outdoors, you might need to renew them 1 to 4 times a year.

The same technique can be applied to make thin rubber crêpe soles (2 or 3 mm thick) that will be more water-resistant and last longer than leather soles.



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