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Heavy-Duty Universal Scissors for Leather and Rubber

Heavy-Duty Universal Scissors for Leather and Rubber

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Ideal for cutting thick material like rubber and leather.

Sharp carbon steel blades with pointy tip. Perfect for cutting precise curves, corners and leather laces.

The blade is quite short compared to tailor scissors, which gives more strength and prevents the blades from twisting.

Their rubber handle provides a secure grip and is wide enough for large hands.
It's true that the handle is not padded, but for making moccasins, unless you cut 50 pairs in a row, I've never found it troublesome. 

Overall, a very good quality/price product.

20 cm / 7.9 inch long. Blade 10 cm.
Note: As they are made of steel, they can rust. Keep dry and lightly oiled for durability.



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