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Baby and Children Moccasins / Soft Leather Barefoot-Shoes for Kids

Baby and Children Moccasins / Soft Leather Barefoot-Shoes for Kids

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Very Soft Handmade Leather Moccasins With Adjustable Lace.

Choose from ready-made or custom-made leather moccasins for your little ones.

Since I became a mother as well as a moccasin-maker, it enabled me to better understand the functional needs and the proportions of baby shoes. 

I have found that adding a lace that goes around the ankle of the shoe and that comes out through the front tongue allows adjusting them really well, even if the shoe is quite large and/or too long. By doing this, it safely secures the shoe in place without creating any tightness around the ankle like some other baby shoes with elastic bands could do.

Therefore, I was able to create a design that is very adjustable. This is especially useful in winter when needing to accommodate big socks or thinner ones. It is also much easier to slip them on when the shoes are not too tight. Moreover, it enables to keep the same pair going for way longer than 3 months. For example, my daughter kept her first pair for 8 months!

Furthermore, I believe that it is best for the soft and growing feet of babies and toddlers to avoid any tightness that could alter the shape of their feet. This is why I have made sizing quite large in width.

Please see the sizing chart in the picture above to choose the most appropriate size for your child.
If you would like a custom-made pair, do not hesitate to contact me.

We would usually make and ship your moccasins within 3 days after receiving your measurements. Shipping from France usually takes about 7 to 15 days to the USA and up to 3 weeks for Australia and New Zealand.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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