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Custom-Made Patterns for Moccasins-Making

Custom-Made Patterns for Moccasins-Making

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All feet are different, that's why I have specialized in custom-made moccasins, but some are more "special" than others!

If your feet are out of the norm, and that none of the patterns included in my courses are suitable for you, I can draw a custom-made pattern. If, not, note that you would need to purchase the video tutorial to go with the pattern. 

All feet are welcome: with bunions, two different sizes, extra-super-large, weird-shaped, etc... all is possible.

I will require a scan of the outline of the feet, a few measurements and a few pictures. After your purchase, you will be able to download the instructions for taking the right measurements directly after your purchase.

The pattern will be delivered in PDF printable format for US letter/A4 paper, usually within 3 days upon reception of the measurements.

I have made custom-fitted moccasins for over 1000 people since 2016. Rich from this experience, I now have a better understanding of how to draw custom-made patterns to make moccasins that fit like socks.

NOTE: For this price, I will not be able to test the pattern on leather but if the pattern has an issue and is not fitting, I will draw a new one without any other charge. Thank you for your understanding.



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