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Moccasins For Big Kids and Teenagers, with Laces / Custom-Made

Moccasins For Big Kids and Teenagers, with Laces / Custom-Made

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Extra Material for Soles

Custom-made moccasins with laces for big kids and teenagers up to size 34 EU / 3 US / 2 UK.

Any shape of feet are welcome! I will draw a unique pattern for each child.
Different styles to choose from, please refer to the catalog for more pictures.

Heart style with the stitching curving above the feet, Moon style with a tongue (pointy or round), Leaf style, in two colors, or Opened with Laces for a more summer or ballerina look.

After your order, you will receive instructions to measure the feet precisely, as well as taking a few pictures and scanning the outline of the feet in PDF format. This will enable us to have an accurate copy of the footprint in order to make the shoes in accordance to the child's foot shape and morphology.

I will systematically make them bigger to allow space for growth. Please let me know if the child stopped growing already. 
Laces allow a perfect adjustment of the shoes so that they can be made bigger to let enough space for the feet to grow into them.

Moccasins are suitable to wear indoors and especially outdoors. They allow great sensory feedback while offering a very good protection of the feet.

At first, you will receive them with no other sole layer than the leather that makes the shoe in itself. If worn regularly outdoors, they will need to be resoled (an easy task) with leather or thin rubber. You will receive a small tutorial that explains in detail how to easily make your own soles at home. Although we offer the material for the first pair of soles, leather or rubber is available on our shop as an extra.

Depending on the use and the ground, you would need to resole them 1 to 4 times a year for leather soles and only 1 or 2 times every 2 years for rubber soles.

Extra Leather For Soles

Extra Rubber For Soles

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.



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