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Basic Tool Kit for Moccasin Making

Basic Tool Kit for Moccasin Making

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Extra Tools

The basic tool kit includes:
- a round awl with a wooden handle
- 2 saddle needles
- enough waxed nylon thread for stitching 1 pair of moccasins.

- in option: a belt punch of 4 mm in diameter or 5/32" (for any models of shoes with laces)
- in option: sharp universal leather scissors (also good for cutting rubber soles)

These are the basic tools you need to make moccasins according to my tutorials. The leather and tutorials + patterns are not included.

We offer extra rubber or leather for soling as an option 

Extra Leather For Soles

Extra Rubber For Soles

Half bull skins are available If you want to make more pairs (6 up to 9), 




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